Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Stream: Citizen - Deep End EP

Anyone with an ear to the ground (or the club doors) can identify the gradual revival of house music.  Not that it ever left completely as it has enjoyed a retro appeal for a while now and its influences have been lingering in other genres through the use some of its characteristic sounds.  Nonetheless, the (wider) genre has been rearing its head in a purer form for a while now and Citizen's Deep End EP, which you can listen to below in its entirety, is one of our favorite examples of this.  Coming off as a Chicago House record that's also lived and matured though bass music, post-dubstep and the various techno/minimal trends that have emerged in the decades since the genre's peak.  The Londoner Citizen is definitely on to something here and we look forward to the official release on MadTech Records in mid-June.

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