Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Gold Panda - "Mountain/Financial District" EP

Despite his many soundcloud posts that were comprised mostly of snippets and experiments and his DJ Kicks mix, Gold Panda hasn't released anything officially since his critically acclaimed 2010 debut LP Lucky Shiner.  All that's about to change with the release of his new EP on Ghostly International.  The two track affair, which features the above digi-pshychedelic artwork of label regular Andy Gilmore,  released yesterday digitally and will get a separate 7" vinyl release on the 11th of June.  We should also mention that in the UK the EP will be released on Gold Panda's own label NOTOWN.

Gold Panda currently describes his music as modern hip-hop and we tend to agree. "Financial District" features a mangled brass sample decorated by Gold Panda's take on the staple sonic arsenal of that genre such as claps, thuds and high hats. On the slightly more abstract "Mountain" Gold Panda's use of the 808 snare is a direct nod to Noah "40" Shebib and some-time Drake collaborators Boi-1da.  Listen to both below:

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