Monday, May 21, 2012

Bo Saris - "She's on Fire" (Maya Jane Coles Remix)

Our appreciation for Maya Jane Coles' work began with her impossibly perfect remix of Alpines' "Cocoon" under her Nocturnal Sunshine monicker and grew even more with her recent DJ-Kicks mix that is probably our favorite this year. Listening to her music one cannot help but compare what she has done for house music to what many contemporary bass/post-dubstep producers have done for dubstep and grime.  She's definitely got a 4/4 house groove going on but she's not being limited by any of the genre's tropes or cliches.  As is evidenced by her remix of Bo Saris' "She's on Fire" (a title that aptly describes the remixer herself)  this is both funky and deep music that should not be overlooked.  Watch the video and listen to the track below:

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