Sunday, April 22, 2012

Lakker - Arc EP

We HIGHLY recommend you check out the Dublin-based duo Lakker's Arc EP just released on Blueprint.  All 4 tracks on this record stand out from the hordes of techno releases aiming for greatness yet ultimately falling short.  Opening track "BKRO" is a hypnotic warehouse techno banger with a creepy little melody.  The last track on the EP is a fun-loving fusion of many tones not often used in a techno context and sounds like some of the stuff Falty DL has been up to these day.  However, the highlights of the EP are the title track and "Ed" that similar and as good as the handful of Burial and Four Tet collaborations.  Listen for yourself below (you can also by the MP3s from the junoplayer below or order the physical release here):

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