Monday, April 23, 2012

Alunageorge - "Just A Touch" (latest signing to Tri Angle Records)

Tri Angle Records haven't exactly been secretive regarding their passion for 90s R&B.  Many of the label's artists have turned to the genre for sample source material, while others, such as How to Dress Well, have offered their own nostalgic and gauzy lo-fi interpretation of the decade's aesthetic. The duo Alunageorge, the latest addition to the roster,  is not so much an interpretation of 90s R&B as a faithful recreation of the genre, especially in terms of vocals and lyrics.  While George Reid's production features rubbery and bouncy synths reminiscent of The Knife's work and a stretched and pitched down vocal drone that is oh-so-TriAngle, Aluna Francis' voice sounds like it could have been directly lifted from a relevant anthem of that era.  Listen to the track below or check it the entire EP which is available, in digital format only for the moment, on the Tri Angle website.

Alunageorge - Just A Touch by TriAngleRecords

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