Thursday, June 28, 2012

Download: Minotaur Shock - "Saundersfoot" (Gold Panda remix)

Minotaur Shock hasn't reared his horns in a long time, yet he should be credited for having been in the micro-glitch loop game way before Gold Panda, The Field and others dabbled in the technique steering it into different genres and sonic terrain.  His 2005 LP Maritime was a revelation for us and often revisit its cute (both in terms of sound and artwork) music. Minotaur Shock will be releasing a new LP on August 20th, featuring the track "Saundersfoot" which sounds like a more mature and stripped back take on his older sound.  Surprisingly and despite a shared affection of glitchy loops, Gold Panda's remix of the track sounds less cut-up, almost as if he smoothed over the original's gaps and clicks.  You can listen to both versions of the track below and even download Gold Panda's rework:

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