Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Stream: Holy Other - Held LP

We'd like to start off with a gigantic thank you to the folks over at Onomatopoeia for basically taking over Red Cup for a while since we've been gone.  You might not have noticed, but some of us have been on vacation while our like-minded friends and co-contributors from 'poeia have been making sure you haven't missed anything worthwhile during these slow months in the world of electronic music.  What you definitely shouldn't have missed is the Perestroika "Very Very Dangerous" EP  co-presented by our two blogs and available for free download. 

Now to get to the matter at hand, Onomatopoeia already posted this surprise full album stream of Holy Other's Held LP which will be releasing soon, yet as true Tri Angle Records completionists we thought we'd post it here too for our archives.  We'll be honest with you: we've pre-ordered the record and we suffer from a severe case of vinyl fetishism so we won't actually listen to it until we're putting a needle on its grooves.  Our expectations are so high, it's arrival will be an event over at Red Cup. Perhaps those of you without such  hang ups can tell us what it's like?

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