Thursday, February 28, 2013

Lucy & Silent Servant - "History Survivors" EP

Producers Luca Mortellaro and Juan Mendez (aka Lucy and Silent servant) hit the studio to collaborate on the "History Survivors" EP, which released on Mote Evolver. The A-Side "Dormancy Survivors" is euphoric track with elements industrial techno, whereas the B-Side "Victors History" leans on more of  an ambient techno sound. All in all, this EP more than a fleeting techno project as the collaboration amounts to more than the sum of its parts and we're hoping there's more to come. Listen below to preview the tracks:

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Marcel Fengler - "Frantic EP"

After Fengler's contribution to Part 5 of the Berghain compilation, he returns with yet another  EP for the Berlin club's imprint Ostgut Ton. The material on the Frantic EP is a development on his previous work on the label and its fluid and funky techno is more suited to the likes of Panorama Bar than Berghain's mainroom dungeon. Preview the three track EP below:
Marcel Fengler | Frantic EP | o-ton 60 by Ostgut Ton

Benoit & Sergio - "New Ships (Original Mix)"

The Washington D.C. based duo Benoit & Sergio have been dishing out some quality genre-bending electronic music for a while now with a wide variety of influences.  They recently professed their love for their french colleagues - a french duo you might have heard of - in the form of their bold cover of "Around the World".  Their latest track to see the light of blog also pays perhaps an even more direct hommage to Daft Punk.  Despite the vocals being very characteristic of the D.C. duo, from the choppy riff and snarly bass guitar at the start till the funky vocoded synth lead that shows up at around the 2 minute mark, "New Ships" is Discovery-era Daft Punk with a modern twist:

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Download: Photek - "Pyramid"

A new Photek track is always an exciting prospect.  One never knows what to expect anymore...dubstep, techno, drum and bass or techy downtempo?  What we can expect is something good and this latest track which you can listen to or download below is no exception.  "Pyramid", to be featured on his next full-length KU:PALM, is a slow fluid number with quite a few organic elements (bongos, rides, claps and those sneaky eastern string samples) yet the groove is hard-sequenced and the filthy bass undertone is ever present. This is more of that classic Photek aesthetic that feels like it's been labored over methodically in his lab, with a fresh sound palette and slower tempo.  Not to be missed.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Watch: WIFE (new Tri Angle Signing) - "Bodies" (Music Video)

Yup they've done it again. Tri Angle's latest signing WIFE aka James Kelly of Irish metal band Altar of Plagues fame, sounds as promising as every other addition to the label's impeccable roster.  Tri Angle will be releasing new music from WIFE next year, but until then you can watch the video for the track "Bodies" off his Stoic EP out in November on left_blank.  This a a guitar driven number, with spooky vocals and woody percussive elements that demonstrate both how much he belongs on the label as well as how he will be taking its niche sound to new directions.  The video juxtaposes urban footage with earthy ritualistic scenes which elaborates on a theme that we also hear in the music as a struggle to overcome the alienation of the digital age.  Watch the video below or (update) preview the Stoic EP right after:

Download: Boards of Canada - "Untitled" (Machinedrum edit)

A long long time ago, when Boards of Canada decided to stop making music (temporarily we still hope) we hit the P2P networks in desperate attempts to find and download any bootleg/unreleased/live recording of the duo we could get our greedy hands on.  Sifting through hundreds of tracks, some genuine BoC material some not, one song stood out among the rest.  The unreleased track that was performed live at a Warp 10th Birthday party in 2000 with the infectious vocoder (is it saying "the clock is ticking"?) and the electro-ish beat recorded in poor quality crept into our top BoC tracks of all time.  We've heard it so many times that the poor recording and crowd noise (many conversations can be heard, phones ringing etc.) feel part of the track now and even make it more Boardsy in a sense.  With all this in mind, we were delighted to hear that Machinedrum, who also went through the aforementioned steps, decided to provide a more cleaned up edit, recreating certain elements, yet also maintaining a lot of the original's aesthetic (including the crowd noise).  Listen to or download the track below: